Demo Time!

Need to take the fridge down for tomorrow. Going to give a demo workshop at Akron U tomorrow. This will be a featured item to walk though.


Jenny Craig called: she wants to have you a spokesperson! She said the crane will be here tomorrow to lift you out of bed to get you into the studio for the shoot.

longest level 4 quote to date

Still working

Some more time has passed. And in general I’m not really changing much else in my routines, even still I can continue reporting that it is going well.

I checked my weight today and I have been slowly loosing weight. Feeling better all in all too. Not really as sluggish in the mornings, but I still like my cold brew coffee.

I should work on getting it to spit out positive remarks too for extended times of no fridge raiding, huh?

One Week Online

Well it looks like it is working out as intended. I’m really thinking twice about raiding the fridge for a late night snack… with exception of Thursday. This week was also a little different over the weekend, being at Ingenuity Fest I wasn’t home for some serious raiding time.

Wow did I do a lot of walking too, I had a display on both sides of the bridge. I wouldn’t be surprised if I walked 50 miles and then some. Not to mention pulling everything over the bridge for setup and breakdown.

Happy to report I’m feeling less bloaty day to day now.

A quick synopsis of the Gut Check Fridge project.

You’re not a God. The Buddha belly is NOT a good look on you!

Gut Check Fridge

Keep it up and NASA’s going to label you a planet

Gut Check Fridge

I’m going to get a lock if you don’t stop.

Gut Check Fridge